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Pantones #NatureInspired #2017ColorOfTheYear

Adding nature, via plants, has always been a popular way to help spruce  up a home for sale. But Pantone’s 2017 choice for Color of the Year wants you using the color of nature in a bolder way in the new year. Pantone named Greenery its 2017 Color of the Year. The tangy yellow-green hue [ Read More…]

How To Install A #StairRunner

If you have plain old stairs, a runner can make a statement and soften your footsteps. Runners made of woven cotton are affordable and easy to work with, and they range in style from beachy to baroque; here, we chose heathered stripes to complement a cottage-style interior. To simplify the job, This Old House senior [ Read More…]

Building Your #FamilyWealth Over The Next 5 Years

Over the next five years, home prices are expected to appreciate 3.24% per year on average and to grow by 21.4% cumulatively, according to Pulsenomics’ most recent Home Price Expectation Survey. So, what does this mean for homeowners and their equity position? As an example, let’s assume a young couple purchases and closes on a [ Read More…]

The 2017 #HomeUpgradeWishlist

Another year is almost behind us, so it’s high time you prepared for the upcoming one. If you’ve already started making plans for the year of 2017, don’t forget to come up with a wishlist of home upgrades you can implement with little investment. Instead of giving your entire home a complete makeover, you can [ Read More…]


Before: Plain Jane With overgrown landscaping and a disappear-into-the-background white paint color, this California bungalow was generally considered one of the least attractive homes on the block. Narrow, winding stairs and an overgrown trumpet vine and small tree that block the front door add to the home’s uncared-for look. After: Colorful Cottage To make the [ Read More…]

Top Reason To #ListYourHome Now…Not Next Spring

The price of any item (including residential real estate) is determined by ‘supply and demand’. If many people are looking to buy an item and the supply of that item is limited, the price of that item increases. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the supply of homes for sale dramatically increases every spring. As an [ Read More…]

Do’s & Don’ts of #KitchenRemodel

A kitchen is often described as the heart and soul of the home, and for good reason. This is an area that is often used for family gatherings, for entertaining friends and for everyday living. You may begin mornings talking to your family in the kitchen about plans for the day, and you may end [ Read More…]

5 Efficient #PantryOptions

Keeping your pantry organized can help turn your kitchen into a more functional, efficient space. Set an energetic mood in your kitchen with a lively color in your pantry. Wire baskets can be used for easy access to potatoes and other long-lasting produce. An attractive, well-organized pantry space can serve double duty as both storage [ Read More…]

4 Reasons To Buy Your #DreamHome This Winter

As the temperature in many areas of the country starts to cool down, you might think that the housing market will do the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are 4 reasons you should consider buying your dream home this winter instead of waiting for spring! 1. Prices Will Continue to Rise [ Read More…]

8 #HomeDesignConcepts Coming In 2017

Looking for some great ideas for your home? How about a voice-activated assistant that will give you a weather update while you pour coffee into a preheated mug from a warming drawer? Not your style? No worries — there’s something for everyone in this preview of 2017 design trends. 1. Satin brass. Brass finishes have [ Read More…]